Royal Photographic Society – Good Picture 2022 Meeting

When I get the chance I make the time to give talks about the research that I do, and this last weekend I spoke at the Royal Photographic Societies Imaging Science Group meeting – Good Picture 2022.

The meeting brought together those of us with a passion for imaging, from widely different backgrounds, for a day of talks, and was held at the University of Westminster in London.

I gave a talk on the building of my UV microscope, and its use for looking at sunscreen emulsion structure and the imaging of the fine structure present in diatoms.

My time at the podium…..

Involvement with organizations such as this helps drive the science forward and is something I recommend to anyone at any stage in their career. Face to face meetings have been hard, if not impossible, for the last few years, but things are starting to ease a little now, and it has been great to get back and see people again.