Capability and Equipment List

I’ve been asked what equipment I currently have access to, so this is a rolling list of currently equipment capability available for research;

Courage and Khazaka Corneometer, Sebumeter, TEWAmeter, Frictiometer, Glossymeter, Cutometer, Visioscan.

Biox Epsilon, and Aquaflux AF200.

Skicon 200.

Lovibond LC100 Spectrocolourimeter.

Cortex open chamber TEWL.

Delfin MoistureMeter D and Skin glossymeter.

Ocean Optics FX spectrometer (200-850nm).

Visible, UV and IR imaging equipment (including EOS 5DSR, monochrome and multispectral converted EOS 5DSR, UV converted EOS 7D, UV converted Nikon D810, monochrome Nikon D850, multispectral Sony A7III, UV flashes for Canon and Nikon, Nikon Rayfact 105mm UV lens, Asahi Ultra Achromatic Takumar 85mm lens, wide range of Canon and Nikon lenses for general and macro work, wide selection of filters for UV, IR and visible photography, studio flashes for multispectral imaging).

Microscopy – transmission and reflection imaging from UV through to IR. Custom built UV transmission microscope for UVA and UVB imaging.

Equipment for measuring camera sensor sensitivity between 280nm and 800nm, flash light emission from 250nm to 800nm, filter transmission between 250nm and 800nm and lens transmission between 280nm and 420nm.

Eppendorf positive displacement pipettes for cream dosing.