Current research areas

I’m always exploring new research topics, so here’s a list of my current focus areas.  Please contact me if you’d like to find out  more about any of these;

Cross polarised UV reflectance photography of sunscreens

Imaging of sunscreens using UV reflectance photography is a huge a huge challenge for scientific imaging – while the sunscreens absorb the UV and look dark, the film the product forms is often highly reflective, and so looks white depending on the angle between the light source, subject and camera.  I have developed a way of capturing cross polarised UV reflectance photographs of sunscreens films, something which has previously not been reported.  By eliminating shine, the amount of UV being reflectance can now be determined from the photograph, changing the information in the image from qualitative the quantitative.  Along with this I have created simple cheap, calibration targets suitable for assessing the degree of UV being reflected from the sunscreens.

Assessment of digital camera response to UV, visible and IR

A question which often arises in imaging concerns the spectral response of cameras to different wavelengths of light – how sensitive is my camera to UV? With UV imaging having huge challenges around getting enough light to be imaged, camera, lens and filter choice are vital for optimum performance.  Having approached camera manufacturers for spectral sensitivity data (can’t be shared – sensitive information), and having also approached testing houses (extremely expensive, >£10k for a camera to be assessed), I have designed and built my own test system to carry this out.  This enables me to compare cameras, lenses and filters combinations for sensitivity to wavelengths between 280nm and 800nm.

Exploring lens transmission in the UV

One of the biggest challenges to UV imaging is the lens, and ensuring it lets enough light through.  I have my own custom made system for measuring lens transmission in the 280nm to 420nm range, and lens characterisation is something I can offer as a service.

Enhanced tonal range and sensitivity with monochrome cameras

Do you always need colour in your image?  Monochrome camera conversions can provide both enhanced tonal range, and extended wavelength sensitivity compare to cameras with the Bayer filter still in place.  I have a range of monochrome converted SLR cameras available and am continuing to test their capabilities for a wide range of applications.

Imaging in UV, IR, fluorescence and polarisation

How can changing how you illuminate and image your object improve contrast in the areas you want to image? Do you have the right setup of camera, lens, filter and lighting for your needs? I have a wide range of imaging equipment and am able to design and test custom imaging solutions to your requirement.