International Society for Diatom Research – the benefits of societies

Yesterday I found myself in need of an article published in the journal Diatom Research. As I do not have academic access to this journal, it was going to cost me a significant amount to download and read it (45GBP for 48 hour download access). I mentioned this on the Diatom Images Facebook page, and someone mentioned I should check out the International Society for Diatom Research, and think about becoming a member. Membership allows free access to the journal Diatom Research. And get this, annual membership is 40GBP. So by becoming a member for the year it costs me less than the prices of accessing one article from the journal, and I get as much use as I need from it, and it puts me in contact with folks with a similar interest. Win win (or should that be win, win, win).

After 2 years of doing my diatom photography, this was the first time I had heard about this group. If in doubt, ask about…..