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New optical transmission measurement service

Need a rapid and cost effective measurement of the optical transmission properties of something?  Maybe a camera filter for a graph to provide data for a paper you’re writing, or do you want to know whether your product you’re interested in marketing which is supposed to block UV is actually doing so?  I now offer a light transmission measurement service.  Read more about it here, along with some examples of the type of things I can measure.  Contact me to find out more…..

Hasselblad Zeiss UV Sonnar 105mm – The Sonnar has landed

A very special lens has arrived in the lab, a Zeiss Hasselblad UV Sonnar 105mm f4.3.  Consisting of quartz and calcium fluoride lenses, this was one of the ones designed for space exploration work with NASA.  An amazing piece of history (manufacturing date shows this is one month younger than I am, so unfortunately it would have never made it to the moon), and now to be used for my UV imaging work.

Arrival of Asahi Ultra Achromatic Takumar 85mm f4.5 lens

I am very excited to have recently acquired an Asahi Pentax Ultra Achromatic Takumar 85mm f4.5 lens.  A bit of a legend in the imaging world, this extremely rare lens was made in the late 1960s using Calcium fluoride and Quartz elements, and is chromatically corrected for imaging in UV, visible and IR regions. Look out for a more detailed review in my ‘Techniques’ section soon.